Studying abroad in France

The quality of French universities is improved

The Ministry of Higher Education in France has approved a budget of up to 10 million Euros to fund French universities in implementing the enrollment strategy “Bienvenue en France”. It is important to note that French universities must be “Bienvenue en France” certified by Campus France to be eligible for government aid approval.

Through the “Bienvenue en France” program, the French government indirectly encouraged French universities to actively improve the quality of their training to attract international students. This means that the quality of training of many upcoming French universities will be greatly enhanced by the control of the French government as well as generous funding. Therefore, do not forget to check that the French university you are planning to attend has the French “Bienvenue en France” certificate.

Policies to help international students are focused

The funding of 10 million euros will be allocated by the French government for specific use as follows:

The first 5 million euros will be used to improve the international admissions process of French universities, for example, the admissions office hours must be expanded to make it easier for international students to contact as well as Adding some other necessary services.

The remaining 5 million euros was used to implement investment projects for three main areas including on-campus student services, developing French language courses for international students and providing study programs in other languages than English.

The Campus France report shows that around 150,000 international students choose to attend French courses every year, so the French government has a reasonable basis to expect 300,000 students choosing to study French every year. Future. The number of programs taught in English in France has also steadily increased over the past 15 years, from 286 programs in 2004 to 1,328 programs in 2018. Of these, only about 1,015 programs were taught. entirely in English and most of them are Masters.