Studying abroad in France

Whether you are in the city or the countryside in France, there are dozens of interesting things to explore. The famous city of Paris is sure to bring you many interesting experiences while the French countryside is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Whatever your interests, you can find great experiences in France.

Enjoy art in Paris

Not every city in the world has a collection of illustrious art with countless famous works like the city of Paris. Therefore, visiting some art museums is something you should try when coming to France. Most art museums in France offer discounts for people under 18 and teachers and students majoring in arts.

The most famous museum in France is definitely the Louvre. Tickets to the Louvre Museum in Paris cost about 15 euros (about 375 thousand dong). This museum currently displays many famous works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Eugene Delacroix, and many other famous artists.

The Center Pompidou is also another famous museum in Paris with many impressive collections of contemporary artworks. Admission to this museum is 14 euros and there is a tour with a guide for 4.5 euros and a variety of language options.

Try champagne

You can spend a day learning about champagne by trying it out and visiting where it was made. There are many sightseeing programs for you to choose depending on your schedule. You can also buy a cycling tour around the countryside of France if you want to experience both drinking and exercising.

Visit the Palace of Versailles

This famous royal palace is a magnificent and magnificent building built at the request of King Louis XIV. This castle is the place for us to look back on the past of the French monarchy. You can spend a day visiting this place by admiring the beautiful gardens in the afternoon and walking around the palace.

The entrance to Versailles depends on what you want to see or the type of tour you want to take. For more details, you can visit the palace’s official website.