Studying abroad in France

In the process of preparing to study in France, you may have asked yourself the questions in the article below.

The French labor market must be horrible?

If you are good at French, then this place will give you countless job opportunities in all fields and professions, especially when you have graduated from a French University. The working environment in France is extremely competitive but also very diverse. Many large companies will actively “hunt” talented international students from the last year, especially in the fields of Automation, Medicine, and Tourism. You should also keep an eye on the world-renowned graduate programs of French companies such as L’Oréal, Orange, Renault, AXA, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Peugeot Citroën, Renault.

Do international students work in France after graduation?

In general, France welcomes international students to work here. From the fall of this year, 2016, France will also take many steps to improve the residency rights for international students after graduation.

If you do not belong to EU countries and currently hold a Master’s degree (or equivalent), you will need to apply for temporary residence (APS) and this document is valid for 12 months. After being granted an APS, you will be able to work up to 60% of office hours per week, equivalent to 964 hours per year.

Some helpful tips

  • Find a job early. Be sure to apply when you are in the final semester of the final year.
  • Remember to read the instructions on Hotcourses about writing CV, apply for a letter … to gain experience in preparing a great resume.
  • Take advantage of the resources that the University provides. Talk to the school counselors and regularly participate in job fairs, business meeting events … to expand the network.
  • Taking a French course is also advisable, especially when you study the English program in France because to stay in France, at least you have to be fluent in the native language.
  • The ability of the language also proves that you have made an effort to integrate and desire to contribute to national construction
  • Look for the company. There are many skills that you can exploit from international work experience to the CV.