Studying abroad in France

France has long been a familiar place of study abroad, ideal for young people in Vietnam and internationally. In addition to diverse choices with many different professions and facilities for studying, international students in France also have many opportunities to work, train and develop skills in the learning environment or international work.

Beach town is peaceful between the mountains and the sea

Nice is a city located in southern France, favored by nature with the ideal terrain both mountain and sea. Nice is famous for the wonderful beaches along the bay called “the bay of angels”. Hugging the coastline of the city is the legendary road that has become the symbol of Nice – “Promenade des Anglais”.

With 300 beautiful sunny days of the year, Nice is loved by the pleasant cool climate typical of the coastal cities of the Mediterranean. Therefore, Nice is known as one of the tourist cities not to be missed when coming to France. Adjacent to Spain and Italy, Nice is not only a “transfer station” for young people who love to explore southern France but also a transit place for all who want to set foot in Monaco or cities. famous beaches around the world such as Cannes, Antibes, St Raphael …

For many seniors, studying in this resort paradise also means a relaxed life, a good distance, easy walking to school or shopping.

People in Nice are always fresh, generous and friendly to foreigners. Especially, even in a learning environment, French students are very sociable with other international students, ready to help each other in study and in life. This is where I started my journey to study in France 8 years ago, and until now, my first French friends on Nice keep in touch and see me whenever I have the opportunity.

The land of many study options

The most outstanding thing in Nice is Nice University – Sophia Antipolis. This is a multidisciplinary university, with a total of 13 campuses, offering disciplines ranging from Business Administration, Law and Political Science, Foreign Economic Relations, Art to Humanities. , Medicine, Biochemistry … According to the 2017-2018 academic year, more than 30,000 French and international students are studying in Nice with the number of foreign students accounting for 30%. In particular, students applying to the University system in Nice have increased by 1,000 candidates compared to the previous school year. Although it is a small city compared to Paris or Lyon, Nice has gradually asserted its position, developing the system and content of training in various professions at the University, Master, and Ph.D. levels.

Vietnamese students to Nice mainly study the fields of Economic Management, Law, Public Communications, Engineering … Many Vietnamese students have implemented and defended their doctoral thesis here in Vietnam. areas such as Information Technology, Biochemical Research … and achieved significant success. The image of Vietnamese graduate students has always left a good impression on universities in Nice because of the hard work and hard work and especially excellent in the natural subjects.